Abra de Ilog, Occidental Mindoro (History, Local Gov’t Officials, Barangays)


Abra de Ilog was formerly a small settlement founded by Spanish religious missionaries in the early part of the 17th century.  Its former name, Abre de Ilog was derived from the Spanish verb abrir (to open) and the Tagalog noun ilog (river). Later on, the name evolved into its present name: Abra de Ilog, a Chabacano-like terminology which can be loosely translated as yacap ng ilog, or “embrace of the river.” This can be attributed to the numerous rivers and creeks that traverses, or “embraces”, strategic areas of the municipality.

In 1902, during the American Occupation the town was officially organized. Abra de Ilog’s first “municipal president” was Rosaleo Miciano. But with the passage of Republic Act No. 1280 (An Act Reducing the Fifteen (15) Municipalities of Occidental Mindoro into Eight (8) Municipalities) on January 4, 1905, Abra de Ilog was made a barrio of the Municipality of Mamburao.

In 1910, Abra de Ilog regained its status as a municipality. On June 13, 1915, the government under US Governor-General Francis Burton Harrison approved Rep. Act 505 creating the “New Province of Occidental Mindoro”. This new province comprised the municipalities of Abra de Ilog, Looc, Lubang, Mamburao (now the capital of Occidental Mindoro), Paluan, Sablayan, San José and Santa Cruz.

Local Government Officials

Mayor: Eric Abalos Constantino
Vice Mayor: Floro Agoncillo Castillo
MaximinoHernandez Alvarez
Bernardo Jordan Dacayana Jr.
Orlando Ramos Quinto
Reynaldo Taño Belen
Manuel Cabral Panganiban
Iluminado Elisida Ricalde
Ireneo Maullon Cortuna
Diomedes Ituralde Zoleta Jr


Abra De Ilog is politically subdivided into 9 Barangays.

  • Armado
  • Balao
  • Cabacao
  • Lumangbayan
  • Poblacion
  • San Vicente
  • Tibag
  • Udalo (Camurong)
  • Wawa