Mansalay, Oriental Mindoro (History, Local Gov’t Officials, Barangays)

Mansalay is a 2nd class municipality. Regarding urbanization Mansalay is classified as partly urban. Mansalay occupies an area of 446.62 km². By the end of 2007 Mansalay was the home of 43,974 residents. Thus by average 98.46 people are living on one km².


The town is famous for its weaving industry. It has a small secondary airport located at Wasig. It has a 3,200-ft. long unpaved runway and can accommodate small to medium-size aircraft for charter and private flights.


Brief History

Mansalay was formerly a barrio of Mangarin during Spanish times. Its name was derived from the Mangyan words un man malay which means “I don’t know.” In 1905, it was consolidated with Bulalacao, Caluya, Managarin and Tikling with the seat in Bulalacao. Mansalay became a separate municipality during the term of Cong. Mariano P. Leuterio.


Local Officials

Mayor: Jose Ildefonso Maulion Maliwanag
Vice Mayor: Renato Tabor De Lara
Hernando Maliwanag Sandoval
Alvin Gilongos Go
Cezar Torrefiel Sucgang
Gerald Paul Sandoval Cristalino
Carlito Samarita De Roxas
Ernesto Antaran Gustilo
Shella Joy Gusi Ferran
Rogelio Samarita Ayap


Mansalay is politically subdivided into 17 barangays.
  • B. Del Mundo
  • Balugo
  • Bonbon
  • Budburan
  • Cabalwa
  • Don Pedro
  • Maliwanag
  • Manaul
  • Panaytayan
  • Poblacion
  • Roma
  • Sta. Brigida
  • Santa Maria
  • Villa Celestial
  • Wasig
  • Santa Teresita
  • Waygan