Socorro, Oriental Mindoro (History, Local Gov’t Officials, Barangays)

Socorro is a 3rd class municipality. Regarding urbanization Socorro is classified as partly urban. Socorro occupies an area of 151.38 km². By the end of 2007 Socorro was the home of 38,052 residents. Thus by average 251.37 people are living on one km².


This inland town, located at the crossroad of commerce in the Pinamalayan-Pola-Victoria area (PIPOVIC), it is noted for its orchards of calamansi, citrus, rambutan and bananas. Coffee is also grown here.


Brief History

Socorro was formerly part of Pola. It became a separate municipality on June 22, 1962 by virtue of Republic Act No. 3609 and was inaugurated as such on July 27, 1963. The town was named after the wife of Cong. Luciano A. Joson, filer of the bill creating the town.


Local Officials

Mayor: Rolando Foronda Arreola
Vice Mayor: Marvin Guadania Umbao
Ronnie Marayan Dimaano
Elmar Gonzales Anyayahan
Junie Maranan Abalos
Rustico Jandusay Lasac
Emmanuel Baja Ricohermoso
Dennis Villar Brondial
Vilma Vida Carmona
Rodolfo Atienza Pacia


Socorro is politically subdivided into 26 barangays.
  • Bagsok
  • Batong Dalig
  • Bayuin
  • Calocmoy
  • Catiningan
  • Villareal (Daan)
  • Fortuna
  • Happy Valley
  • Calubayan
  • Leuteboro I
  • Leuteboro II
  • Mabuhay I
  • Malugay
  • Matungao
  • Monteverde
  • Pasi I
  • Pasi II
  • Zone I (Pob.)
  • Zone II (Pob.)
  • Zone III (Pob.)
  • Zone IV (Pob.)
  • Santo Domingo (Lapog)
  • Subaan
  • Bugtong Na Tuog
  • Mabuhay II
  • Ma. Concepcion