Excavation Museum – Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro

Puerto Galera is not just famous for its beaches and dive sites, but it is also a repository of priceless historical artifacts. Most of these archaeological treasures can be found within the Excavation Museum.

The Excavation Museum in Puerto Galera consists of a single room but it is filled with numerous artifacts and relics that proudly showcase the glorious heritage of the island. Among the various antique pieces that are contained in the museum are several Siamese burial jars, several of which remain in good condition. Based on studies by experts and historians it appears that a majority of them were used in burial ceremonies.

Other antiques in the Excavation Museum in Puerto Galera are Chinese jars and porcelain. Scientific examinations of these pieces reveal that they are between 500 to 1,000 years old. Furthermore, it has also been established that a majority of these pieces came from wrecked vessels, several of which can still be found in the seas around Puerto Galera. The priceless objects have been determined by the scholars to have come from several dynasties, including the Yuan, Ming and Sung, which came to power over a thousand years ago.

Apart from these, the Excavation Museum in Puerto Galera also houses several historical objects from the Philippines, notably various types of pottery, dating from various time periods. Most of these potteries were probably used in ceremonial purposes but some of them were utilized for burial customs too. As beautiful as these objects are, they are also invaluable for the information they provide to scholars and historians who study the history of the early Filipino people.


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