Tamaraw Falls – San Teodoro, Oriental Mindoro

Tamaraw Falls can be found in Barangay Villaflor near the city of San Teodoro. It is a 423-foot natural wonder because it is found along the road. It consists of a series of smaller waterfalls which converge to the main waterfalls cascading down to the waterbed below. This provides one of the most breathtaking sights to behold. 

The falls derived its name from a species of buffalo which can only be found in Oriental Mindoro. It is among the countrys endangered species as it is being hunted by people who are after its meat. Proclamation No. 692, signed in 2004, made October 1 a special working holiday in the province in celebration of the Tamaraw Conservation Month.

Tamaraw Falls is fifteen kilometers from the town proper. There is a resort found at the foot of the falls and for a minimal fee, guests can refresh themselves at its cool and clean waters. Aside from that, there are recreation halls, picnic huts, and shower rooms that leads down to the foot of the falls. The entrance fee to the resort is PHP 25 per person.

Tamaraw Falls serves as an alternative to the beaches of Puerto Galera. Although there are other waterfalls in the island, Tamaraw Falls provides one of the most breathtaking sights for tourists.


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