Puerto Galera, the Hidden Paradise

Puerto Galera (port of galleon) or also called as “the hidden paradise”. It is located at the northwestern most municipality in the province of Oriental Mindoro, southwestern end of the Isla Verde Passage, about 130 kolometers south of Manila. It has 13 beautiful barangays and every barangay has their own pride. It is a quiet little town and popular summer destination in the country. The months of March to May are hot summer months and it’s the perfect month for the tourist to visit Puerto Galera.

There are lot of activities can be done in Puerto Galera like scuba diving, golf at Ponderosa, jet skiing, banana boating, swimming, etc. And there are also lots of beach resort that will fit to each and everyone’s need. During day time you can enjoy the beautiful beaches, views and places. At night time there are bars and restaurants that you can hang out with your friends.

You can also watch a fire dance, bar tending and concerts of different bands specially covered by San Miguel beer. There are hidden places in Galera like the Bulabod Beach located in Barangay Dulangan. You’ll be amaze if you see this beach beach you will see the sea and the river ate connected. Only a small piece of land is the gap between the two. And there are lots of interesting story about this beach.

But the most famous beach in Puerto Galera is the White beach. This is said to be the most beautiful beach. It has a white sand, very clean and blue sea, unique stone arrangement. Not only the places, beaches, food and views are the pride of Puerto Galera but also to Galerian are the prove citizens of Puerto Galera.

Every tourist who visited Puerto Galera always brings t-shirts and souvenirs for their loved once. Visit and enjoy PUERTO GALERA..ANG MALA PARAISONG DALAMPASIGAN.

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