Santa Cruz, Occidental Mindoro (History, Local Gov’t Officials, Barangays)

Santa Cruz is a 3rd class municipality in the province of Occidental Mindoro region 4, Philippines. According to the 2000 census, it had a population of 26,887 people in 5,407 households.


The original name of Sta. Cruz prior to the coming of the Spaniards to the Philippines was Talabasi. In the old map of Mindoro, this name appeared in the place where Sta. Cruz is located at present. According to the indigenous people, in their dialect, talabasi was the name of a kind of medicinal plant during the early days.

The name Sta. Cruz was believed to be given by Captain Juan de Salcedo to the small village he found near the area where the mouths of Ramayan, Salagan and Pola Rivers merged.

Another story traces the origin of the name of this community. Based on the story, the original name of this place was Bugo. It came from the name of a tree. A small community composed of the families of Benedicto Flores, Francisco Bernardo, Felix Gatdula, Eulalio Isidro and Damian Fernandez was formed here. The leader of the group was Francisco Bernardo. The community members drew water for household use from the stream of Timalon.

One day Eulalio Isidro found in the stream a wooden cross, one foot long. He showed it to his companions. The group considered the discovery of the cross as a miracle. Since they were religious by nature, they built a chapel and at the altar of the house of worship, they enthroned the cross. From that time on, Sta. Cruz became the new name of Bugo.

Since 1663, Sta. Cruz officially belonged to the Parish of Calavite which could be found at the north-westernmost part of Mindoro. It was only in 1876 when Sta. Cruz was again mentioned as a developing community. In April 1877, the king of Spain approved the establishment of a new town in Mindoro which would be called Santa Cruz de Mindoro. Due to his successful efforts, we could say that Fr. Pedro Muro de San Agustin was the founder of the town of Sta. Cruz.

Local Government Officials
Mayor: Filemon Mamaril Galsim
Vice-Mayor: Rose Calabio Malabanan

Ernesto Paglicawan Torreliza
Filemon Masangkay Galsim Jr.
Genesis Marquez Gatdula
Mabelle Morales Castro
Antonio Luis Bernardo De Borja III
Joseph Banzon Isidro
Johnny Saique Ramos
Divina Daprosa Paguagan


Santa Cruz is politically subdivided into 11 barangays.

Pinagturilan (San Pedro)
Poblacion I (Barangay 1)
San Vicente
Poblacion II (Barangay 2)


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